Pantera MP3's
Song Album Size Notes
Hole in the sky *Radio Only* 3.75mb Sabbath Cover
Whiplash N/A 2.09mb Live metallica cover
Cowboys from hell Cowboys from hell 3.70mb N/A
Cemetery gates Cowboys from hell 6.37mb N/A
Domination Cowboys from hell 4.58mb N/A
Mouth for war Vulgar display of power 3.75mb N/A
Walk Vulgar display of power 3.55mb N/A
Fucking hostile Vulgar display of power 2.52mb N/A
This love Vulgar display of power 5.91mb N/A
Im broken Far beyond driven 3.99mb N/A
Throes of rejection Far beyond driven 4.45mb N/A
War nerve The great southern trendkill 4.41mb N/A
13 steps to nowhere The great southern trendkill 3.27mb N/A
Cemetery gates Official live: 101 proof 7.11mb N/A
I can't hide Official live: 101 proof 2.05mb N/A
Cat scratch fever Detroit rock city sndtk 4.32mb Ted Nudget cover
Dallas stars song N/A 992kb N/A
Revolution is my name Reinventing The Steel 4.21mb N/A

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