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February 6h, 2001 2000

Well, The Real Steel Tour has started! Im going to put up a section for show reviews and a new pics section of your shows. But I cant do it without your help. Please e-mail me with The show's date, and a review to be posted on the site. You can put anything you want in the reviews, please try and include a setlist from the show if you can remember all the songs played. If you have any pictures from the show, scan them and send them in, ill be posting all reviews and pics sent in to the site. Ill have my own review and pics after the March 11th show in Philly!
Send all show reviews / pics HERE! They will be posted A.S.A.P

Also, A band out of Dallas who hangs out with Pantera at The Clubhouse alot, DRoWNING PooL, has recently been signed to Wind-Up Records, thier debut album, Pieces Of Nothing is due out early summer, and I am doing the cover art, hopefully it will be used. Watch for it.


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