What do quakers have against counter-strike? Is it that is has more than double the ammount of active plays of all 3 quake's combined? Is it the fact that playing counter-strike takes a totally different approach than quake and is hard to get used to? I think it may be a combination of those things but mainly many die hard quakers feel insulted that counter-strike is so praised the way it is by so many when quake was the game that really blew open the doors to online multiplayer gamming. If it was not for quake there would not be a counter-strike, but without wolfenstein and doom to create the 3Dshooter style you wouldnt be reading this rant. Quakers dont complain about quake comming after wolfenstien and doom and being much more successful, maybe it is because the die hard quakers are ex-wolf/doom players, but maybe not.

Quake deathmatch is what brought about intrest in online gaming and when player/programmers started making mods like CTF it became a phenomenon. The mod that broke all the rules and changed team based miltiplayer forever was the original Team Fortress, it turned quake into a whole new game and to this day is still the driving force behind quite an impressive community for quake1 which was released more than 5 years ago. Counter-Strike is just doing what Team Fortress did, its changing the way we play games. Team Fortress didnt kill off deathmatch, it wasnt intended to, neither is counter-strike. Rainbow6 was the first game to attempt a totally true-to-life 3Dshooter, counter-strike is the first one to do it well. If you dont like it, dont play it, but dont rag on it, it takes just as much skill as deathmatch does.

a rant by: AFTERMATH [ 6/7/01 ]