Take No Prisoners

TNP was formed in early 1997 by P1MPSTA. Starting as a quake2 deathmatch clan in the booming mplayer Q2 community were givin less than a week to last. The clan began to recruit who at the time were a bunch of unknowns and began to train themselves. With great leadership and loyal members TNP began to make a name for itself by taking down some of the better clans around, as underdogs people really started to take notice after the big clans started getting beaten by the new guys. TNP retired from active Q2 play in late 1999/early 2000 with a record of 256 wins, and 9 losses and as one of the greatest quake 2 clans to ever emerge. The clan has never broken up and reformed, we have survived the test of time, 5 imposter clans trying to bring us down and are still togeather with most of our original members are still active in Q2/Q3 play. What makes a clan great? Skill, Loyalty, Dedication, Desire, and most of all Mercilessness.

We dont show mercy.
We Take No Prisoners...